May 042011

We started a new cabinet door project and as it turns out mother nature had a different plan for our time during the week. When we picked the project back up I had a change of heart about how the sliding cabinet doors should look. As I promised here is the cabinet door reveal. I am immensely happy with how it all turned out and i find myself sliding the doors ‘to and fro’ every time I go into the kitchen.

Now you might be wondering how you can do this yourself so I am going to try to break it down here.

We used tongue and groove pine planks also known as carsiding for this project. The planks fit together nicely and will slide across each other when they are aligned properly. Clif cut the planks long enough to build the door itself. He fitted the pieces together and secured them with brad nails at the grooves. Each door needed to be four planks wide to cover the opening in the cabinet.

The carsiding is tongue and groove which means that each piece has a male and female strip on opposite sides so the lumber can interlock. Clif ripped two boards straight down the middle. He nailed the long lengths onto the front of the cabinet facing. The male or protruding side is nailed to face the inside of the cabinet door on top and bottom.  On the back of the doors he nailed the  groove or “female” strips facing down on the bottom and facing up on the top of the door.

When the door was installed (slid on from the end) the tongues went inside the grooves and allowed the doors to slide. If you aren’t working with carsiding you can tongue and groove your stock using a dado blade and a table saw to create tongue and groove material from lumber that you have. It really is that simple. No muss or fuss just homemade cabinet doors and using what you have in inventive ways. Are we the first to have sliding cabinet doors? I really don’t know. I do know the new cabinet doors work for us and my kitchen is blissfully quiet.

Visit these kinks to see before and after pictures of our kitchen renovation and other projects we have build with carsiding.

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  1. Nice job on the DIY kitchen cabinets! They turned out beautifully. I’d love to see a video of how you built your sliding kitchen cabinet doors project. Any plans for one? It’s hard to believe you used reclaimed / recycled wood and materials. Really nice DIY job. What’s next?

    • thanks for your lovely comments. We plan to incorporate video of our projects very soon. I can’t promise they will be the best quality because our 11 year old will be filming. As time goes on we will add more features so keep checking back!

  2. Love the untreated wood look. Very timeless!

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