Sep 172012

I wanted to show you guys something that really helps me out during the school year. We made homemade dry erase boards a few years ago when I first started homeschooling. Well, this year I have enough left over materials to make some more and I thought I’d show you how.

To make your own dry erase board you will need “shower board” from any home improvement store, duck tape of your choice, scissors and a utility knife.

Cut the shower board, using a utility knife to the size of your finished dry erase board. I’m using scraps so I cut a piece about two foot wide. Use a yard stick as a guide for cutting on the back side of the board.

Cut strips of duct tape and align them along each edge. You want the duct tape to wrap over the front and back of the shower board.

Once you’ve wrapped all four sides you have a finished dry erase marker board. Hang it up in a convenient place in the office,  at kid height for artwork, or let he kiss store them for school time.

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