Oct 222012

Over the weekend I let the kids take over my kitchen and express their creative sides. They decorated cookies to look like ghosts, Frankenstein and pumpkins because Halloween is all anyone in this house can think of lately. Your kids can follow along with some almond bark, Nutter Butter cookies, Oreo’s and Halloween themed sprinkles.

I used a saucepan half full of water (on medium heat) and a glass bowl as a substitute for a double broiler. The kids chopped the almond bark into shavings to melt in the broiler. If your melted almond bark seems a bit dry you can add a bit of water or milk to thin it to a creamy consistency. For those of you who have never had almond bark, it tastes and is very similar in consistency to melted white chocolate.

Dip one side of the Nutter Butter cookies into the melted bark. Set it aside on wax or butcher paper too cool off. I tapped the paper directly to the table to control the mess. You could use newspaper as a substitute in a pinch.

Next the kids added bat sprinkles for the eyes. Two packages of cookies were decorated, and two packages of cookies were gone almost as soon as they were finished.

We changed the color on the almond bark using lime, and orange Kooliad.  This will also change the flavor a bit, but no one complained. You do not need to add extra sugar to the mix. A can of decoration frosting in black was used for some of the details. These cookies are great way to keep children busy for an afternoon. Give them away as gifts, or keep the treats for yourselves!  Happy Halloween everyone!

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