Dec 122012

Keeping with the Handmade Christmas theme I’ve created another tutorial for you all to follow along. I needed a “boy toy” but you can always change the color of your polymer clay moose to more girly tones. These moose will actually be part of a farm/hunting play set this year but I can’t show you the finished project until after Christmas. Hopefully these tutorials will inspire you to create your own sets :) Polymer clay is sturdy enough for small child play and perfectly safe for children over age 3.

I use a mixture of Fimo and Sculpey clays for these pieces, mostly because they are what I had on hand. Each piece went into my craft safe oven for approximately 40 minutes. (I baked them together) I used the 245 degree setting on my oven, because I prefer to bake longer with less risk of burning. See my polymer clay horses tutorial for an example of what happens if you do burn a piece. As always I recommend you use the settings that work best for you, because no oven is the same.

I’d love to see the pieces you make from these tutorials, and anything else you are making for Christmas. Enjoy the holidays, and happy crafting!

  4 Responses to “Make A Polymer Clay Moose”

  1. Yum! I love chocolate moose! :)

    • Chocolate moose! HA! Too bad polymer clay doesn’t smell like chocolate :/ But maybe that’s not a great idea when giving it to kids. lol

  2. Totally adorable!!! I have a soft spot for moose!!! <3

    • Thanks Shelley!
      I love moose too, and bear, so that will be my next tutorial I think. I’m going out for clay later tonight because I have dwindled my supplies. I hope you can follow along and make a herd or moose for your grandbaby! How is he? Are you excited for his first Christmas?

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