Feb 272012

Baby chicks are starting to show up at homes across the United States, arriving by mail-order and pick-up at local feed stores and farm supply outlets. Clif and I thought now would be the perfect time to show you how to make your own poultry waterer and feeding trough. Poultry supplies don’t have to be expensive, the majority of the time you can simply reuse something you already have and it will work just fine. We made this video to show you what we mean:

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While commercial feeder and waterers for baby chicks work just fine, they can take up lots of space in your brooder. Limited space to move around makes baby chicks more prone to pecking, out of boredom.  Our fix for this is to use the smaller waterer and feeding trough, until we put the chicks in the chicken house.

Here are some pictures of our babies in the brooder:

Araucana “Easter Egger” chicks

Cornish Cross Chicks

Araucana chick using homemade waterer.


Do you know how to care for baby chicks? Check out our Chick Care post and videos for helpful tips and tricks.



  4 Responses to “Make A Poultry Waterer for Baby Chicks”

  1. Oh, my dudness, they’re adorable! And how simple is that waterer solution!

  2. What a great idea! I love the simplicity. Those baby chicks are ADORABLE, I keep vacilating on whether or not to get chickens. We’re in town so we could only have a couple if any,

    • Thanks Joquena! You should get chickens for the eggs and compost! (the meat too if you’re inclined) Since you’re living in town I would suggest getting the same type of chickens that a friend has, this way you can use their rooster once or twice a year. If you aren’t worried about what type of chicks you’ll get any rooster will do :) I kept thinking I needed a HUGE chicken house, but you really only need a chicken coop that’s big enough for the chickens you plan to keep. Good laying or broody hens will bring a really good price :) Talked you into it yet?

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