Oct 102011

Lately, at SavvyPracticality all the discussions in the house are deer related. Rightly so, since it is hunting season. During hunting season Clif hunts for our family and participates in the Share The Harvest program to help other families in need of food. Its a big deal for our family and throughout the year we have several deer related projects that we complete to get ready for this time, even if they don’t make it on to the blog.

Our homemade deer feeder was such a  project. When Clif went out to remove ours from the woods I was reminded that for some reason we didn’t put a video of making the feeders on the blog. Sometimes we forget to stop a project long enough to take the pictures or there isn’t anyone around to do it. We have since remedied that situation and have made a video for those of you that need a cheap and easy deer feeder.

This homemade deer feeder was made from PVC pipe and a coffee can. You can use ropes, straps or bungee cords to tie it to a tree. As you’ll see in the video the coffee can serves two purposes; keeping rain out of the top of the feeder, and refilling the feeder with corn. This type of feeder is gravity fed and when you fill it up you can pretty much leave it alone. We have a game cam near ours so we can get an accurate idea of the type and size of deer on our land.

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How To Make A Deer Feeder

DIY Deer Feeder Tips

  1. Spray the deer feeder straps and pipe with Scent Away or another scent masking product.
  2. Try to keep your hands from physically touching the corn and transferring your scent.
  3. Make the deer feeder tall enough to be comfortable for you. Clif is 6’4″ and the feeder is easy for him to fill, but can easily be cut down if you need it shorter.
  4. Don’t forget to remove the deer feeder from the woods before hunting season. Each state has its own time limit for removing feeders, some states may consider them “attractants” and they may not need to be removed.

Feed For Deer Feeders

In our deer feeders we use whole kernel corn bought from the feed store. We put that corn in a 55 gallon barrel and mix in Acorn Rage, C’Mere Deer, or Final Feast. All of these deer attractants can be used on their own, but we mix them and have good results.On occasion we have added roasted soybeans and oats to our feeders. Really, the rule we use is “Buy whatever we remember when we are at the feed store.” Like much of everything else around here, we don’t have any hard and fast rules for getting things done. If you’d like to feed your deer something a bit heartier, Purina makes a Deer Chow with a mix of corn and protein pellets, Sweet Feed a common horse feed can also be added to cracked or whole corn.

If you liked this video on making a deer feeder you may also enjoy our post about Recovering Deer Stand Seats and Fixing a Leaking Camper Roof. We will have a few more deer related posts coming in the next few weeks. I think one of the kids grew out of their orange vest so I’ll be making another and we will show you how the feed plots are doing. Beware of the Corn Fed Venison, Stay safe out there guys, and have a great time.

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  1. How far away from your yard do you have to put one of these to keep the deer away from your garden? The next door-neighbor’s yard? Three neighbors down the way?

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