Nov 162011

In a recent post I talked about steps you could take to lower your homes heating bills. I talked about drafts stoppers (or draft excluders) being an excellent way to keep the heat in and the cold out. Coincidentally I need news ones and decided to make one this morning. You can make a draft stopper for your doors or windows out of a variety of materials. Today I’m going to show you the one I made in 10 minutes.


Draft Stopper Materials: Fabric 30×40, Quilt batting 30 x40, Needle, Thread, Pins

Spread your fabric on a flat surface (I used the floor) and lay your quilt batting on top of it. Fold the quilt batting over 4-inches along one, length edge.

Roll the draft stopper layers tightly. (I used my leg to anchor one end of the material so I could get a smooth roll.)

Pin along the edge of the draft stopper so you’ll have both hands free. Trust me you don’t want to try and sew along the edge without the pins. I used a straight running stitch, with a backstitch after every 4th stitch.

My completed draft stopper stops the cold air from coming into the house via the mudroom. Enjoy your new draft stopper :)

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  1. Love this! I hate drafty cold air.

    • Jessica I feel the same way! It seems like you can feel those drafts cut right through you. In a pinch I’ve rolled up towels and baby blankets. One of my kids thinks these draftstoppers are her personal toys :)

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