Jun 132011

It’s Monday again and that means we are going to talk about another tip to save you money in your DIY projects. You know, because we have started a new trend around here called Money Saving Monday’s. I’ve been doing a lot of painting here at Monster Farm and this weeks tip is another paint tip. More often than not I will use whats called “Oops paint” when I have painting projects here in the house.

What is Oops Paint?

Oops paint is paint that has been wrongly tinted or returned because a previous customer didn’t like the color, after all. The paint is then tinted again so that the customer can’t run a scam and purchase the paint at half price. Yep, that’s right, Oops paint for savvy diyer’s means half-priced paint. Half-priced anything is something we all can be excited about. Some stores will mark down Oops paint as much as 75%-off and I have even seen a buy one get one free sale on the paint a time or two.

Now you might be asking “What should I do if I don’t like the color of the Oops paint?” Retint it, of course! I buy Oops paint in a color scheme I like and then use the mixing skills I picked up in Kindergarten to change the color. I buy country white, or bright white paint and mix it with small amounts of the Oops paint to get the color I want. Whatever paint I have left over is usually used as an accent color for something else in the room or I save it for future projects. Paint is the cheapest way to transform everything and if you can knock off another 50%-75% you’re doing even better.

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Tips for buying Oops Paint

1. Look for Oops paint whenever you visit your home improvement center. It’s generally on a rack or on the floor near the mixing station. This type of paint is sold on a first come first serve basis at a high turnover rate so you should regularly check for it.

2. Use Oops paint as a primer for your premium painting jobs. Why use full-price primer when half price paint will do the same job? Don’t use darker colors as a primer if you aren’t covering the wall with a dark paint.

3. If you’re mixing paint make sure to purchase a paint with the same type of gloss finish as the original Oops paint. You can increase the gloss but you can’t remove it for a true flat finish.

4. Ask your mixing technician to tint the Oops paint again. Some stores will tint the paint a third time if you would like the paint to have a slightly different hue. Bring a color swatch with you and be extra nice when you ask!

5. Oops paint comes in many different brans such as Valspar, Behr and Sherwin Williams. Lowe’s, Home Depot, True Value, Walmart, and Sherwin Williams paint centers all sale Oops paint. Each store will have their own “deal” on the paint so take notes so you can get the best prices in your area. Extra tip Habitat Restores are an excellent source for even cheaper Oops paint.

Now that you know about Oops paint you should run right out and get some! With paint as cheap as $1 per quart or $5 per gallon you have no excuse not to get those painting projects done!



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